How it Works

We place orders with the publishers before the audiobooks are even replicated so that we are first to receive them. Then, our lightning-fast processing staff processes them so that you can get them on the shelves as quickly as possible. All audiobooks are packaged in sturdy, long-wearing cases with original cover art.


How to Start . . .

Just say YES! You can e-mail or call us, or if you would prefer, you can fax us a purchase order.

E-mail: Phone: 800.937.0092 Fax: 860.536.5141

Cost Per Month

Abridged Audiobooks
3 $109.95
6 $189.95
12 $309.95
Unabridged Audiobooks
3 $139.95
6 $219.95
12 $409.95
Children’s Audiobooks
3 $109.95
6 $189.95
12 $309.95


Replacement Policy

We will replace — at no charge — audiobooks that are damaged in production or shipping.



You can be billed either monthly or annually, whichever you prefer.



You can quit at any time. Simply call, email, or fax us to let us know that you want to discontinue the service. A library is not obligated to subscribe for any length of time.